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Macro Express 3.9

Macro Express Editor's Review

Macro Express is a great software for recording, editing, and playing back mouse and keyboard macros. Keyboard macros and mouse macros allow short sequences of keystrokes and mouse actions to be transformed into other, usually more time-consuming, sequences of keystrokes and mouse actions. This way, frequently-used or repetitive sequences of keystrokes and mouse movements can be automated.

This program is the greatest macro recorder that I have ever found. It's countless commands allow you to automate any task that you can think of. The commands are organized into categories, allowing you to access them in an intuitive fashion. Supported commands include: ejecting the cd-rom tray, emptying the clipboard, minimizing all the desktop windows, opening a folder in Windows Explorer, starting an application, and these are just a few.

When adding a new macro (set of commands), you can select when and how you want to start it. You can choose to schedule it to run at a specified time or interval. It's also possible to select a shortcut key, or a certain event that starts it. For example you can choose to start the macro whenever you click a certain area of your screen.

Next, you have three ways of choosing the macro's commands. First, there's a 'Scripting Editor', that allows you to define a simple sequence of commands by adding them from the full list. You can use the 'Direct Editor' if you feel that a text like "" is very clear and easy to understand. Your third and final option is to record the macro. Both keystrokes and mouse movement can be recorded.

Pluses: The scripts you create can contain conditional blocks. For example, you could set a macro to ping a certain website and the outcome would be different depending on the answer. I also like the fact that you can password protect certain macros or their settings.

Drawbacks / flaws:

In conclusion: Macro Express is the best solution I know for macro recording. It can also be used for several other purposes like e-mail sending, dialing phone numbers, copying files, and so on. Tons of great features make this program one of my favorites.

version reviewed: 3.7d

What's Required in Version 3.9 of Macro Express

Pentium or higher CPU, 25 MB hard disk space.

What's New in Version 3.9 of Macro Express

Includes many enhancements and bug fixes to improve look and feel, functionality and stability.

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